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BrighterWounds brings you information related to every facet of life. From technology to health, fashion to business, you just name it. Now, we are providing an opportunity for our followers and daily readers to come and join us. Yes! We are accepting guest posts and cordially inviting all those who are experts in any of the categories of the blog to write for us.

We will provide you with all the requirements and expectations for guest-posting. If you feel like, you can fulfill them; the doors are open for you.

Why You Should Write For Us?

We are providing information through useful content to our readers. So, if you have previous experience of writing in any of the niches, you are qualified to write for us. From fashionistas to business experts, we welcome all of you. But what goodies you will get from it?

  • It’s a great opportunity for young writers, bloggers, and those who want to come up front. Guest posting is the first step towards coming to the limelight and recognition.
  • You will get traffic back to your site or blog. 
  • It will be a great writing opportunity for you. Moreover, you can become a permanent guest blogger for us. If you provide quality content to us, we will accept your guest posts without any screening process.
  • If your post is interesting, then you will have new readers.

We will publish your articles in an existing suitable category with the tag “guest post” and the name of the author at the beginning.

What You Should Write About?

You need to see all the categories of the blog and choose the one in which your expertise lies. Make sure your article falls in any of the following categories or related ones:

  • Business 
  • Entertainment
  • Technology
  • Fashion
  • Education
  • Sports
  • Health
  • Travel

Requirements For Guest Posting

You need to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • The most important thing is, of course, the uniqueness of the text (copy-paste and low-quality re-writing are not of any interest).
  • Make sure your article is fully optimized.
  • The number of characters – we do not impose strict requirements. But we will hardly take short stacks of 500 words. Something about 1000-1200 words is desirable. 
  • Use heading and sub-headings in your article. Also, make sure you write in paragraphs.
  • If necessary, there should be explanatory pictures, diagrams, illustrations etc.
  • There is also a requirement for images’ uniqueness. Mention the reference if you take the picture from another website. 
  • We will reject the content not related to the website.
  • The content should be of good quality, useful, new, and interesting.
  • You can add a link to your blog or website.

What Rights Do We Preserve?

  • The main thing is that the site is clean, both from the security side and from the search engines (no sanctions, etc.). If your site is eventually abandoned/infected/unavailable for a long time, etc., we reserve the right to remove the link to it (the authorship of the article will remain with you).
  • The topic of your article should be relevant to the blog.
  • The site should not have aggressive forms of monetization; it should not be covered with advertising. Respect your visitors.
  • Once selected, we have the full right to make necessary changes (if necessary).
  • You cannot post the submitted article anywhere on the web.

In short, the site to be linked to should be for people. And it will be carefully analyzed and verified.

How To Submit Your Post?

If you do decide to write a guest post, then the order of our interaction will be something like this:

  • Before submitting, you need to write to us and suggest 2-3 topics of the article with a short description. And also indicate the site, the link to which will be in the post.
  • If we give prior approval, then you start writing the post. We will not present any rigid deadlines. We will only stipulate approximate terms.
  • When the article is written, send it to us in doc format, i.e. in a regular Word file along with images in a zip file.
  • Remember submission does not ensure publication of your article. 

How to reach us out?

You can use the given below email ID to reach us out:

Email ID: [email protected]

We are looking forward to your proposals. Kindly read all the requirements before writing to us, it will be convenient and time-saving.